It can be your one stop shop for all of you digital strategies. From graphical designs for a event, to post production editing and lessons. There is no challenge that Jordan and his close group of experts can’t accomplish in a efficient and timely manner. Anything is possible in the digital format. There is no limitation and no job that Jordan and his colleagues can’t bring to life.


$250.00 TWO hours on location(s) of your choice. Digital delivery of images. Options for prints available.


$150.00 - $300.00 Complete coverage of your performance from beginning to end. Digital delivery of images with in 48 hours. Festival prices available.


$1,500 - $2,500 Customized plans to cater to each clients specific needs. From engagement photos to full 12 hour days and photo albums.


$50.00/hr Whatever your needs are from editing a photo, to retouching a portrait, a post production lesson can help you achieve those goals for all of your digital needs

Before and After

Before and After

Testimonials and Reviews

  • NIKKI MORAN: It's usually pretty easy to see that you like a photographer based on their work and their style. As fellow lovers of music Jordan has the ability to put feelings into pictures. I also wanted to take this opportunity to comment on who he is as a person, because that's one thing that a photographer's galleries don't necessarily show; he's easy to work with, creative, motivated, dedicated, and professional to say the least. His works are art and you would be hard press to find someone that completes this whole package very often. Truly humbled that he took time to take pictures of our proposal. These are memories we will be able to cherish forever.

  • CHRISTOPHER SNYDER: When it comes to photography, Jordan August, is one of the most professional people in the music business. His attention to detail and love for his craft resonates in every photo. As a music journalist for 215music, and Live Music News and Review, Jordan is one of the first people I think of to shoot a show with me. Jordan's appreciation for music and the way you can capture it through a lens is incredible. It always a pleasure to work with Jordan.

  • FRANK CELENTANO (Redline): I've had the pleasure to both know and work with Jordan since 2009.  I've watched his talent grow over those years.  He has an amazing eye for both color as well as content.  His photos of my band Redline were head and shoulders above anyone else's.  Jordan is not limited to working with bands. He has photographed my kids as well as some of my instruments and amplifiers. Jordan always has a smile on his face and I've never seen him in a bad mood.  He is a pleasure to work with and I can say to anyone reading this, if you're on the fence about working with him, just do it!  You will not be disappointed.

  • THOMAS FAMILY: Jordan is an amazing and talented photographer! Jordan August Photography captured such special moments through our wedding day, and he was such a pleasure to work with. Not only was he professional and passionate about his work, but his laid back personality made us very comfortable. We have and will continue to recommend Jordan August Photography to everyone! - Robert & Tabitha Thomas

  • OF TOMORROW: I first met Jordan at a festival many moons ago when I was starting out with a new band. By the end of that conversation, I had learned a lot from him. And in the time since, every interaction we've had made me appreciate his talents and energy even more. He is an uncommonly talented photographer with an uncommonly unique and recognizable style. Not to mention, a solid, stand-up guy and good friend to boot. For years I've hired him to photograph bands. And for years, his work has contributed substantially to the marketing success of those bands - often an elusive and frustrating goal. He has a knack for capturing the essence of musicians - expressive action, facial expressions, and emotive movement - in all sorts of tricky lighting situations, and then turning those shots into stand-out images that make amazing use of color, subject matter, and negative space. It's like music for your eyes. That's why I work with him chance I get, feel lucky to do so, and encourage you to do the same. -Geoff Browning, guitar/vocals, of Tomorrow

  • UNION CRAFT BREWING: Our company has been working with Jordan for years. He's fantastic to work with and always delivers exactly what we are looking for in a timely manner and within budget. Jordan is a talented photographer with a keen eye. Whether he's shooting interior/exterior shots of our facility, products, subtle design details, headshots or energetic events, Jordan is highly adaptable, able to capture the subtleties and energy that other photographers often miss and truly bring the photos to life. We are proud to work with him and would highly recommend him for any photo needs.

  • SULEWSKI FAMILY: My wife and I had known of Jordan August Photography both from seeing his live music photography as well as a variety of weddings / friends baby pictures he had taken.  When we discovered my wife was pregnant, we decided to ask Jordan to assist us in taking our baby announcement pictures. Jordan was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, from artistic design concepts for the pictures, to choosing location, and obviously during the actual photography and editing work itself.  We were so delighted by the experience that we continued to employ Jordan August Photography for the actual pregnancy photos, and then once our baby girl was both her new baby pictures, and annual family pictures after that.  We have so enjoyed our experience with Jordan that we actually flew him down to North Carolina to take our family pictures after we relocated there from the Baltimore area.  Saying all of this, what makes Jordan really the best to work with is his delightful personality.  He's one of the most humble, humorous photographers I've had the pleasure to meet and is extremely open to suggestions and questions.  I highly recommend Jordan August photography for all your photography needs.

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